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Upcoming events

Learn more about Sample Soap & donate your toiletries at these events:

cat clay march 2020 - no border.jpg

March First Friday

Drop your toiletries off at Cat Clay in

The Hungerford!  And check out Zara Davis's great work.  March 6, from 5-9.

1115 E. Main Street @ Goodman

Door 2 by loading docks, suite 242



Flour City Roller Derby

You can drop off your toiletry donations at every exciting roller derby bout!

Click here for their event page!

Let's rumble in the bubbles!

New collection site

- Davidson Fink LLP

Located in the First Federal building, downtown

- Become a new collection site!

Your company, neighborhood, gym, school or library could be here!

Collecting is fun & easy!


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